My Trip to Germany Part 1

There’s trouble in the air. Airplane passengers are getting into fights over an inch of space. Planes get diverted and pilots strike. Is it any wonder I have some stories to share?
My recent journey to Germany was strife with complications. The trip was short-notice, but that didn’t stop me from researching flights and weighing the pros and cons of different airports. Direct flights are not an option. I ruled out Atlanta because it seemed too far out of my way, and I nixed East Coast airports because I’ve heard horror stories about long lines and delays. So I decided to fly via Detroit to Frankfurt.
As it turns out, not only was the first leg of my trip – my flight to Detroit – late, but when it was time to board my plane to Germany I heard the ominous message that the plane’s back-up power supply was not working and that we had to fly to – you guessed it – Atlanta first to replace it.
I had to call my family in Germany right away because they usually head to the airport very early. When everybody was seated on the plane, about 20 international passengers were de-boarded again because they could not get connections in Atlanta. Meanwhile, a lot of the fuel had to be removed because the plane was too heavy. When we landed in Atlanta, I was hungry and stressed out. Visions of a similar flight in 2009 danced in my head. Would the airline put us on a different plane? If so, would my suitcase be on the same plane? Would they add the fuel they had just removed? Luckily, they decided to repair the original plane and we could board it, fortified with sandwiches, courtesy of the airline. Things were looking up, and I was reassured when the pilot announced that his family was on the plane. Surely, he would not put his family in danger? The rest of the flight went without any complications. Six hours behind schedule, we finally landed in Frankfurt, where we had to park on the tarmac and board buses to the terminal.
Stay tuned for a report about my return trip.



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