The Life of a Writer

My writer friends often mention how unglamorous their lives are: type in your pajamas, drink coffee, eat chocoloate. The most exciting event in their day seems to be when the cat jumps on the keyboard. That may be true for fiction writers, but I have had some amazing experiences in my pursuit of nonfiction articles.

One day I was photographing an artist who painted noses on military airplanes. When asked, “Would you like to go out on the tarmac to photograph planes?” my answer was, “You bet!”


Another memorable event was covering a day in the life of a bird veterinarian at Pittsburgh’s National Aviary. In full disclosure, I am also a bird and wildlife photographer and the topic was close to my heart.


And when I attended a photography workshop in Florida’s Everglades National Park, I sold two travel articles with lots of photos about the experience.


Do you still think a writer’s life is boring?

Photos ©Doris Dumrauf


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