Love and (Cold) War

“What brought you to this country?” I get asked frequently (since my accent gives me away) and I usually reply, “Well, I met a man…” At this point, people nod. Yes, it’s the age-old story since the beginning of time.

“Where did you meet your husband?” is the next question I hear. The short answer would be this image of Ramstein Air Base


More precisely, we met in a bunker. While this might rank as a -10 on a list of most romantic places on Earth, it is actually quite common in my home province. Ever since the first GIs were stationed in Germany after the end of World War II, romance has blossomed between the GIs and the local female population.

Marrying a foreigner, especially a member of the military, is not for the faint of heart. There are many documents to provide, forms to fill out, and fees to pay. The process may seem endless. I had no idea of all the paperwork I would encounter over the years when I agreed to a date with a co-worker more than 26 years ago. But I would do it all over again because finding a soul mate is truly priceless.

Photo: U.S. Air Force


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