Cat Food Allergies Should Be Taken Seriously

Ever since we adopted our tuxedo cat Pocket, she has never been seriously ill. Yet, at last summer’s annual check-up, the veterinarian noticed that she had lost weight since her last visit. We had fed her a variety of canned food and also kibbles. Sometimes she vomited soon after eating fish. We took the hint and stopped feeding her fish. Still, even after eating canned chicken, she would have an upset stomach. She also was not interested in playing with the many toys we keep around the house.

Last winter we took her back to the vet and learned that food allergies are actually quite common in cats. She suggested that we try a diet of elimination, e.g. give Pocket only one flavor of food for a while and see what happens. We fed her chicken and it upset her stomach again. That’s when we read the fine print and were astonished that there is fish in canned chicken.

Now we only feed her turkey and kibbles (also in turkey flavor) and she is doing fine. In fact, she now wants to eat all the time and her favorite place is by the food bowls.


Now we’re wondering how we can curb her appetite. She also has become more affectionate and even sits on my lap if her brother doesn’t scare her off.

If your cat shows signs of lethargy and stomach discomfort, it is time to read food labels and take her to the vet.


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