Why I Don’t Eat German Food

Germans love their food. In fact, they are obsessed with it. Even when they move to another country they still expect to find their favorite German food items within a few miles of their home. I guess I am an oddity because I don’t share this obsession. On trips abroad I happily ate the local food and shunned restaurants that catered only to tourists.

Before anyone kicks me out of the German club, I have good reasons for my lack of culinary patriotism: I have been dealing with two health conditions that prevent me from eating fried food of any kind, cabbage, and dishes made with milk, heavy cream or lots of butter and sugar. Even rolls and bread cause me serious stomach pain. In other words, I can’t eat the majority of foods served in German restaurants and have to ask them to make the side salad a little bigger or hold the gravy.

Fortunately for me I can still eat ice cream. Spaghetti ice is my favorite and on my visits to the Old Country I frequently meet friends at an ice café just to indulge. Yum!



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