The Year We Became Potter-Fans


While working on an advanced manual in my Toastmasters club, I gave a speech about J.K. Rowling’s persistence in getting published. For show and tell I checked out the first Harry Potter book from the library. Naturally, I took a look inside and was hooked, even though I am not a fan of fantasy novels. After I finished the book my husband read it, too (a rare occurrence because we usually have different tastes). Around the same time a TV network showed the first two movies.

Over the course of the spring and summer we both read the entire series and, after finishing a book, we checked out the movies at local libraries. The hardest part was not to peek at reviews that contained plot spoilers.

I found the series – especially the first four books – extremely readable and enjoyable. The last three books became increasingly darker in tone. Still, they were an easy read. The writer in me bristled at the many adverbs in dialogue tags. Had I known that the curses and plot points that occurred during the first few books would be mentioned again in the latter ones, I would have taken notes. Perhaps I will re-read them in a couple of years to freshen my memory and to return once more to Platform 9 ¾ for a magical journey.

Image: (Oxyman)


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