Our Visit to Yellowstone Park – Day 2


On the second day in the park we headed north toward the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Our first stop was the Mud Vulcano area. We were most intrigued by the aptly-named Dragon’s Mouth and Mud Vulcano. The air was heavy with the smell of sulphur at our next stop, the Sulphur Caldron.

Hayden Valley was fairly quiet that morning, but we did see several people with digiscopes staring at a far-away spot. They were looking for wolves that came out out of the tree cover on occasion. Since we only had binoculars we figured the odds were against us and drove on.img_2049web

I had heard a lot about Artist Point at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and it did not disappoint. The many colors on the canyon walls were beautiful and I took lots of photos. After lunch at Canyon Village we drove on to Norris, but by the time we reached the geyser basin, we were tired and the wind blew the steam into our faces. We therefore headed back to Yellowstone Lake, but not without pulling over several times to view the Yellowstone River and its variety of waterfowl, including five trumpeter swans.


Not far before the lake turn-off we had an interesting experience. A bison was standing on the right side of the road and we stopped a car’s length away. A car coming from the other direction drove through, but the tour bus that followed it also came to a standstill. Only after traffic had stopped in both directions did the bison cross the road!


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