Our Trip to Yellowstone – Day 3


On our third day in Yellowstone we decided to explore the area east of Fishing Bridge. We had only driven a mile when we spotted an elk bull across the road in an open space between trees. I managed to take a few photos before a tour bus showed up and the elk disappeared.


It had rained overnight and the morning air was cold and moist, but the sky soon turned blue again with beautiful cloud formations. East of Fishing Bridge we saw a herd of bison with calves. We drove on to a scenic overlook from which we had a wonderful view of Yellowstone Lake, but also of thousands of fire-damaged trees.


After visiting the Le Hardy Rapids we returned to Hayden Valley where we saw a bald eagle and a herd of bison in the distance. We looked out for birds wherever we went and were thrilled to observe five trumpeter swans along the Yellowstone River. Before heading back to our cabin we took another walk at the Mud Vulcano to see the Dragon’s Mouth again.

Hot springs and a mud vulcano; bison and trumpeter swans; endless skies and trees burned by a wildfire; we truly had seen the essence of Yellowstone in one day.


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