2016 In Review

The past year has been a tumultuous one. My private life has been relatively quiet in comparison. These major events stood out for me:



  1. I published another book, which is quite different from the novel I released last year. Besides writing fiction, I am also an award-winning wildlife photographer and one of my goals was publishing a children’s book about backyard habitats. With the help of a designer/editor I finally made my goal a reality. I hope that my book will encourage people to invite birds and insects into their yards. After all, they are essential to the web of life and our own survival depends on them. “Create Your Own Backyard Wildlife Habitat” is available on Amazon and can also be ordered from other sources.oktober-heat-1deutschebookcoverweb


  1. I’ve completed the German version of my novel “Oktober Heat” and plan on publishing it next spring.



  1. My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with a trip to Yellowstone National Park (see my previous blog posts). Neither one of us had ever been to the Rocky Mountains and it was truly an awesome experience. The grandeur and power of nature – after all, Yellowstone is a super vulcano – made us realize how precious America’s national parks are.


At home we continue to visit local and state parks when the weather allows. Spring and fall are our favorite seasons. Of course, we also spend many hours in our yard, where I record wildlife with my camera for future presentations, books, and other publications. Sharing my passion for nature with others is my greatest joy.



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