Notes From A Nature Photographer


As a writer, I wear many hats. I have not only published a novel in two languages, but I have been writing non-fiction photo features for many years. These articles revolve around local attractions and nature-related topics, birds in particular.


When the weather improves, I turn my attention to my second passion: nature photography. I specialize in birds, wildlife, and native plants that grow in our garden. You can’t be a nature photographer without caring about your subjects. Studying them and their behavior is the best way to improve your images. That includes knowing what the wildlife eat and when they are most active. As my photography evolved, so did our garden. Over the years, we have created a habitat where birds, insects, mammals, and even frogs can survive and thrive.


Publishing a book that included both stunning images and an engaging text was a logical next step. Wildlife is threatened by many aspects of modern life: climate change, pesticides, habitat fragmentation, fracking, light pollution, vehicles, and our obsession with lawns. What better way to demonstrate how we can help wildlife than by publishing books for young readers?

After all, they will inherit the Earth from us. I hope my books and images will encourage them to create a habitat for birds and other wildlife. Our future and food sources depend on it.


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