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Lights, Camera, Action!

Television_studio_HTVLast Thursday was a big day for me: Moon Township’s Access Television, a volunteer-operated community TV studio, interviewed me about my recently published novel “Oktober Heat.” Moon Township is home to several military installations, so it seemed an appropriate topic.

My interviewer had read my book and prepared some questions for me. I was not too nervous (thanks to my Toastmasters experience), at least until I realized that they had three high-definition cameras. I have no idea who invented high-definition cameras, but I’m sure it was not a middle-aged woman!

After the interview, one of the two young cameramen asked me questions about writing and publishing. I told him some resources and asked him, “Are you on Facebook?” With much indignation, he replied, “Of course!”

Now I am waiting to hear when my interview will air but I won’t be able to see it until I get a DVD.

Image: Krish Dulal (Wikimedia Commons)