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Five Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Me


  1. I’ve been to 22 countries, including dozens of trips to France. After all, it was my next-door neighbor when I lived in Germany.


  1. I was once a recording artist. I was a member of a children’s choir when we recorded an album for the 25th anniversary of the organization. That’s when I learned that recording an album is not as glamorous as people think. It involves many repetitions because the slightest noise – such as rustling a piece of paper – makes a recording obsolete.


  1. I was on TV twice: the first time on Pittsburgh’s KDKA after winning First Place in a bird photo contest, the second time on Moon Township’s Access TV after publishing my novel.


  1. I used to dance in a folk dance group and participated in the July 4th parade at the Kutztown Folk Festival in Pennsylvania in 1979.


  1. I have never owned a dog, but you wouldn’t know it if you observed my dog encounters. Dogs are drawn to me like yellow jackets to a plum cake, as long as they are not defending their own yard.


Image: Krish Dulal (Wikimedia Commons)


Lights, Camera, Action!

Television_studio_HTVLast Thursday was a big day for me: Moon Township’s Access Television, a volunteer-operated community TV studio, interviewed me about my recently published novel “Oktober Heat.” Moon Township is home to several military installations, so it seemed an appropriate topic.

My interviewer had read my book and prepared some questions for me. I was not too nervous (thanks to my Toastmasters experience), at least until I realized that they had three high-definition cameras. I have no idea who invented high-definition cameras, but I’m sure it was not a middle-aged woman!

After the interview, one of the two young cameramen asked me questions about writing and publishing. I told him some resources and asked him, “Are you on Facebook?” With much indignation, he replied, “Of course!”

Now I am waiting to hear when my interview will air but I won’t be able to see it until I get a DVD.

Image: Krish Dulal (Wikimedia Commons)

The Economic Miracle

During the 1950s, the population of West Germany experienced an economic miracle. Fueled by pent-up demand after the lean post-World War II years, people had many needs: clothing, household goods, and appliances. Young married couples began their new life under the same roof as their parents and often, grandparents.

Demand – and supply – for appliances was great, especially refrigerators and electric stoves. Also popular were washing machines, toasters, immersion heaters, and hair dryers. Luxury articles like radios and record players became more common toward the end of the decade. TV sets, on the other hand, were still out of financial reach for most households. If you didn’t have a relative or friend who owned a TV set, you would head to a Gasthaus (German for public house/tavern) to watch soccer games or other special programs. It is therefore no surprise that the 1950s were the golden decade for movie theaters – more than 6.000 in West Germany alone.